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HEHEHE! Didn't think I'd put letters and words up in this space, well...too bad! HE HE HE! Well, that's gettin' creepy...

These are all about Shiro, my character with a weird hair-do and the IQ of a toilet. It's down in the shitter. Still, she's a smart girl when it comes to somethin' people in this time-zone and country seem to lack...


And logic...

Plannin' things through...

And so on...

Her name is Seirei Shiro, the guy with the three bangs over one eye is her servant, Night, basically, I draw things that pop up in my head. They have no meanin'...nor will they ever get one.



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Today on the lovely journal of Jazzy, I will answer questions in which people in school (Middle school to be exact ) have asked me constantly about my Bleach fantasy. Here we go!

1. What would your rank be on Bleach in the begining and why?

Answer: Well. MY rank in the begining would most likey be like... barely a seat. Maybe the chick so scrubs toilets with a toothbrush. Shiro's stubborn. If Being a Vice-captain or a captain takes a high school diploma then Shiro is screwed. Shiro never even went to the shinigami school, you think she knows much?

2. What rank would you then be after time and why?

Answer: Well, Shiro is a captain now but only through EXTREME hard work and humiliation. Shiro worked way very hard to earn her captain rank since none of the captains even wanted to accept her in the Soul Society to begin with. Shiro's blood, sweat, and tears turned her into a captain even if some totally disagreed.

3. What is the name of your zanpakutou and what does he do?

Answer: His name s Getsutai and he controls the weather. Originally, I wanted to name him Shirohagi (White clover) and make him to somethin' with like razor sharp clovers then I's like Byakuya's zanpakutou. So no.

4. What exatly can Getsutai do?

Answer : e controls weather. He can make it rain and freeze up the raindrops to make them sharp needles and impale you with millions of them. Shiro can control where the water hits, ironicly, after a battle, Shiro is never hit with a single drop. He can alsose the rain which hit the ground and absorbed to blast it at you from below like a cannon, a direct hit will break bones and possibly kill you if you're not careful. He can turn the rain to snow and the snow to vapor. Bankai is a little more lethal. Her bankai is called Choujikino Getsutaiyomi ( I think it means somethin' about typhoon weather or hurricans. Maybe, maybe not. ) Getsutai can unleash a hurrican on the battlefield and the water serves a purpose. It's heavier and much faster and more powerful. Meaning more chances to actually cut you or impale you. Her main goal here is to make you bleed a lot, to a point. Once you have a large enough wound or many cuts on your body, the water will enter your body and into your blood. Shiro can do some of the following. She can drown you, she can freeze you from the inside, or she can let all the water build up in your body and let giant frozen ice spikes bust out of your body. Your insides will be shredded and you will look like an spiky snowball.

5. Does she have friends in the Soul Soiciety?

Answer: Duh. Her friends are some captains which accepted her over time. Renji and Yachiru are Shiro's best friends, along with Nemu. Zaraki is Shiro's friend for the sheer fact that he can fight an even match with her. Soifon likes Shiro since Shiro can travel time, that and Shiro gave Soifon a kitten toy thing which STRONGLY resembled Yourichi ( Sorry if I mispelled her name. x.x ) Ukitaki is almost like a fatherly figure towards Shiro. Yamamoto just thinks Shiro is kinda cute in how she acts and respects her. Byakuya HATES Shiro, along with Mayuri and Toshiro. Mostly everyone else is friends with her. Aizen, Gin and Kaname are a TOTALLY different story. Aizen wants Shiro's time ability, Gin wants it more, and Kaname is just like... "whatever...". The Aizen, Gin, and Kaname part will be answered in the Espada questions.

6. Who is Shiro constantly avoiding in the Soul Society? Why?

Answer: Mayuri. He is constantly trying to get Shiro and experiment on her. He's EXTREMELY curious about the way she travels time. He is actually plannin' on cutting Shiro open since he found out that Shiro is hollow inside and is even MORE curious. He also wants to know about Iori and how she works. He even told Shiro that in the process, she will have a VERY high chance of dyin'. He's gone APESHIT to just experiment on her...WHILE she's awake. Ouch.

7. Does Shiro have a vice-captain?

Answer: She used to. He was killed in a mission which almost got Shiro executed. Kai was his name ( Short for Kaizo ) and he died for his captain. It's sad because the one who killed him was Shiro. Kai and Shiro were in Heuco Mundo until they were attacked by the Espada. They both ran into an army of hollows and arrancars and stuff. Shro managed to fight some off but she lost sight of Kai. She soon was fighting an Espada before a figure slashed at her back. who was it? It was Kai turned into a hollow. Shiro had to fight her own vice-captain and in the end, had no choice but to kill him. She loved her vice-captain like a son, so she carried his dead body back to her own division. ( He reverted back to normal a second before he was slashed and bled to death. Odd... )he whole time, she cried for him. When she returned, eveyone thought she killed him with cold blood. She killed him out of motherly love. Kai was her adopted son. Shiro later on had a real son named afer her brave vice-captain but he died as well in the hands of the father.

8. What does Shiro do in the Soul Society?

Answer: Waste time and sleep. Shiro's lazy and completely changed every since Kai died. She has the famous " I don't care " vibe around her. She always plays pranks on Toshiro with the help of Renji and Yachiru. She hangs around with other captains and listens to Yamamoto's lessons about the history of the Soul Society and fights he had. He loves to mess with Byakuya the most. Overall, she talks with most captains and just keep them company.

    Well, those are the top 8 questions people CONSTANTLY asked me in middle school. Hope you enjoy. Next on my list is Hellsing! If you have any questions about Shiro or just wanna make somethin' up, feel free to ask away. Kazoo~


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OH DEAR GOD. YES. THAT IS ME. Stop thinkin'.

1. YES. I am sleeping.
2. YES. Someone took this picture while I WAS SLEEPING.
3. YES. It's creepy when you think about it.

After a hard day of drawin' and writin' and eatin', the young Shiro crawls into bed and begins to hibernate. Such times of long sleep can be very relaxin' for the young creature... Hours can vary from 2 hours to an amazin' 24 hours! What an amazin' yet lazy creature!

Oh yeah. I called myself an animal, so what? It's half true anyways. I get very tired after a long day in school but I still try to draw my manga, Shirokuroba... at a VERY slow process. I only manage to make half a page or more a WEEK. I can't catch up to my friend. Still, I DO look kinda cute...

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